The Cube model is the culmination of the technical evolution in speaker technology. It delivers performance that is unheard of compared to its size.
The imaging from this extremely compact speaker is impressively spacious. The sound is clear and transparent without sharp edges and is incredibly dynamic and explosive, a characteristic that you would only associate with much larger speakers.
The cabinets are veneered with real zebrawood, and finished with an environmentally friendly matt hydrolacquer
Each Cube is fully hand-assembled and fitted with top quality components. Each speaker pair is subjected to individual measurement and listening tests before being packaged and comes with a two-year guarantee.

Technical Specifications

Two-way system
Closed-box design with optimally damped response
170 mm bass midrange driver with graphite/paper cone
very large cone excursion of +/- 7mm
soft dome tweeter with a neodymium magnet and ferrofluid damping
phase-purifying Pure Pulse filter
cabinet made of 18 mm HDF
zebrano wood veneer finish with satin hydro lacquer
dimensions 24 x 24 x 24 cm
weight 7 kg

1999 euro/pair

Bruno De Groote
guitarist Deus

<<For years I wanted to avoid the disposable stuff from Mediamarkt. Finally I found what I was looking for at Link Audio: super quality hifi, especially the Cubes: beautiful small speakers with an amazing playback quality. My music collection has never sounded better.
Thanks Wim!

Frederick Styns
Symphonical Orchestra Flanders

'The sound is phenomenal' 

Steven Lefebre

How beautiful they are, how beautiful they sound, two Link-Audio speakers, 24cm by 24cm cubes that manage to move me to tears. The beauty of it is: I don't hear any speakers, but a performance in my living room (provided the recording manager knows his stuff). Whoever thought this was impossible has clearly not heard the LINK Cube speakers yet. I am over the moon with this set: Pathos Acoustics new classic one amplifier, Cambridge Audio Blu ray player Azur 752BD, Link Audio: Cubes MKII wired with Vortex loudspeaker cable and a Velox interconnect cable (connection between player and amplifier), stands by Sonus Faber.

Thank you Wim

Johan Hoogewijs
When listening to the Link Cubes, I was overwhelmed by the layering that these speakers have in them.

Depth, perspective, clarity, it's all there! And not overly excited, but transparent, pure in all regions, even without an extra sub.
Depending on the genre of music, you imagine yourself in a privileged place in the studio or in the live room.
Killing poor recordings or inferior performances, you can hear it all.
But a gift to enjoy sublime recordings. I feel like listening to music again. I wonder how my own music will sound on this...

Katrien Bergé

Néthen, été 2015

"With Link, Music once again becomes ecstasy, consolation, chaos, despair, bliss, catharsis, silence and so inexpressibly so much more .
In no years, or perhaps never, have I been so moved and so overjoyed, when listening to music. Moreover, the LINK philosophy is in perfect harmony with the flawless sounds!
Thanks Wim for your inspiring approach. I will spread the word.

"Musique (re)devient extase, désespérance, consolation, purification, béatitude, pureté, silence ... l'ineffable.
Depuis une éternité je n'ai plus été si émue en écoutant de la musique.
En outre la philosophie LINK est en parfaite harmonie avec la sonorité extrêmement pure et équilibrée.
Merci Wim pour ton approche enthousiasmante, inspirée et visionnaire.
Qu'on se le dise !

Peter Vandendriessche
Jazz saxophonist , music teacher

I was very surprised to hear, for an affordable budget, an installation that reproduces the music so faithfully that it literally caressed my ears.
 I know what instruments sound like and I know that the bridge to reproducing a recording is not without obstacles, but here I have heard something that belongs on my wish list.
I would use these speakers for acoustic Jazz and classical music in general -and of course for many other styles- this speaker is exceptionally good. Wonderful even!
My 'vintage' stuff will have to go, I'm afraid.

Jan Nicolaers
Trombonist at the Royal Music Chapel

...I have already listened to a lot of music and enjoyed the sound of the boxes.
What a sound!
They can handle just about anything...
I can hear so many details that used to be lost.
In each register low middle high you can still hear the different layers, just sublime!
Also the live effect is clearly audible.
It is as if you were there.
Even when playing louder, the sound remains a delight to the ear.
I am very satisfied...