To develop a subwoofer that perfectly matches the main speakers as well as the listening room, the airtight sealed enclosure with ultra-rigid walls and a rigid speaker cone is the only guarantee to reproduce a rich, pure reproduction of the lowest tones of the music.This is therefore the path I chose to design TheSub.

It is driven by using an external amplifier, not subject to the extreme pressure that occurs with conventional subwoofers.

This powerful amplifier simultaneously provides the ability to optimally tune the subwoofer to the speakers as well as the room.

Rediscover your music through the detail this subwoofer can uncover like you've never heard it before.





Technical specifications.

Closed enclosure with extremely rigid panels

Long Throw aluminum cone woofer :

+/- 11 mm deflection possible

200 watt power handling

22 Hz room loaded

Floor radius 360 degrees

Springs decoupled by rubber

External 200 watt amplifier (Class ab)
with crossover and control possibilities

Dimensions : 33 cm x 33 cm x 36 cm high

Weight 18 kg