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 LEAK 2060 

copyright wim vanderstraeten

impressive speaker still by today's high end standards
sandwich cone 30 cm woofer 
10 cm  midrange
Seas soft dome tweeter

topmodel of the mid seventies

rare condition !!

gramophone review March 1975

copyright wim vanderstraeten



copyright wim vanderstraeten

two way closed box design
high gloss grey
new old stock

1250 euro.pair


B&O Beovox 5000

Topmodel seventies 1972-1974
of the Danish design manufacturer
seas alnico woofers

offers welcome



design speaker seventies

model ls260

offers welcome


Separate loudspeaker units

Altec    288C-16K    2pcs  (xxx rare)

16 ohms / 8ohms

original membrames

mint condition


Altec 421-8H     1 pc

175 euro

copyright wim vanderstraeten


Altec 515-8LF (NOS!)    1pc (xxxx rare)

offer welcome

copyright wim vanderstraeten


Dynaudio D21AF (NOS)   



Altec Crossover N-800-d    

2pcs original

xxxx rare  400 euro


Altec Crossover N808-8a 

2pcs original


Philips AD80627 W4     1 pc

<<picture follows>>

Philips AD1065/W8 alnico

<<picture follows>>


Tannoy Monitor Gold  (xxx rare)


1 piece with original crossover

mint condition

offers welcome

copyright wim vanderstraeten



24 inch woofer

(60 cm!)




xxxxx rare

the woofer that Mark Levinson used in its
HQD ultrahigh end system in the seventies
wich was based on double  Quad ESL's
together with the Hartley subwoofer

offers welcome



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