Sigiswald Kuijken

Foto: Annemie Augustijn

I'm not a listening specialist who dissects all the characteristics ... I can only testify that the sound is beneficent-living and direct, with a very faithful sense of color and space; listening to a good recording here is a real experience.

Because of the quality of the reproduction you paradoxically forget the medium, I would dare to say (comparable to a musician who, when he is doing well in a certain way, has to 'disappear' behind the music he plays ...).

Together with friends we had some very penetrating silent moments of listening;

Had Bach been there himself, I would certainly have forwarded his comments to you....!

Rob Van Bergen


<< What an experience. I have listened with Wim to numerous recordings, of very diverse nature; classical piano music, Sonny Rollins, Kooyanisqatsi, old recordings and new ones, vocals, double bass, percussion. Wim wanted to know what I think of his loudspeakers as a musician.
So I listened attentively, critically, almost looking for deviations. As a musician you hear instruments all day long and there is always a difference between a live sound and a reproduction of a sound, I'm not fooled in that respect. I always hear if someone is honking in my ear or if there's a sound system in between, or more. A sound system, an amplifier can color sound quite often, vinyl crackles of course, the speakers color or usually limit the flow of sound. I didn't notice any of this during our listening session. I got the strange sensation that the music was behind a half permeable screen.
We can hear the musicians but they can't hear us, we can't see them, but they are very close. But not really in this space. What is the difference ? I once heard tape noise, that must be an old recording, not digital. A few times I heard the limitations of the microphone used in the recording. As if you look through a keyhole, not everything is on the tape. With some instruments I heard the limiters, the sound pressure was not right of course. When Sonny is honking his horn two meters away from you, you can feel your glasses shaking on your nose of course.
After some time I started to notice that the imperfections I heard, the anomalies compared to the real instruments, were actually all at the back of this imaginary screen. The loudspeaker ruthlessly exposed everything, the limitations were actually always in the recording technique.
The speakers are good, very good. When can you use the word perfect? ..>>


Stefaan Baert

"You may have already experienced looking out through a large window
and feel like there's no window at all between you and the outside world.
Well, for me that feeling corresponds to listening to music through the K100.
speakers by Wim. 

This creates contact with the performer(s) themselves. You hear the slightest inflection of the voice, change of timbre,
and the admiration for technique and quality of the performer increases enormously.

Also, listening through the K100 speakers makes it clear what quality recordings can do to a human being.

If it can be described in words, "Pristine" (pure, untouched) comes to me.

Thank you Wim!


Peter P. , Kortenberg

Less than a month ago I became the happy owner of a set of beautiful K100s.
After the installation Keith Jarrett put in his Bye Bye Blackbird and I was immediately overwhelmed. I got tears in my eyes and, just to be clear, not from misery. What a difference with the Regas. I had drawn the curtains behind the speakers and asked my wife what she thought of them. Her answer: it looks like the musicians are behind the curtains! Although I thought I saw them before the curtains.
Moments later I had Melanie De Biasio perform a few songs. In short: pleasing to the ear, it almost seemed like a live performance in our living room.
 Is this the virtual reality for audio?
In the meantime, the speakers have reacted with some remarkable experiences. In a previous life I played the piano. As an amateur it is true, but I know what a piano sounds like. I was always disappointed when I heard piano work through a sound system. It almost seemed as if the proper reproduction of the typical timbre of a piano was an impossible task. Recently I heard Abdullah Ibrahim's "The song is my Story" at work via my K100's: improbably true to nature! With our eyes closed, there was another piano in our living room. Finally the timbre of a piano. I gladly took the sounds of Ibrahim's efforts.
Another surprise was Grieg's Peer Gynt Suite. I still had an old recording (1972) that I had put aside after purchasing a recent recording. With the K100 I have to turn it around. The old recording sounds incredibly beautiful. 
Wim had warned me: I will have to do a re-evaluation of my CD collection.
Another remarkable thing with the "The Organ of Bach" by Blindman. The organ music here is played by a quartet of saxophones (soprano, alto, tenor and baritone). In a neighbouring room I noticed how these 4 saxophones still sounded perfectly as individual instruments and created the illusion that, although of course there was no stereo image, I thought I could hear the instruments playing on different positions in the living room. 
Where with the previous speakers the sounds flowed into each other earlier.
Besides the ears, the eyes are spoiled as well. However, my wife was a bit surprised about the dimensions when she took them out of the car. Indeed, when viewed from the side, they are impressive. I saw a "as long as it comes right in the sitting area" in her eyes. 
Once placed she talked about decoration. 

They give me the impression of a beautiful instrument.

Wim, you have made another customer happy, thank you for that!


Luc Struyven

When I first listened to the LINK K100 speakers at Wim Vanderstraeten's home, I didn't know what I heard, and especially what I didn't hear.

Compared to the K100, the music reproduction of other speakers is simply reduced to a single mash.

With the K100, the music sounds like a lively, full and coherent interplay without any blurring between the sounds of the different instruments. I now realize that I have been listening to music recordings for years where the musicians were, as it were, hidden behind a thick curtain without being aware of it. With the arrival of the LINK K100 speakers, someone has finally had the ingenuity to slide the curtain completely aside so that the musicians' play can be heard in all its splendor.

Another wonderful sensation is that each voice or instrument is reproduced with the liveliness, power and intensity that the musicians put into the live game during the performance in the recording studio. The music doesn't sound sterile or flat, but animated, organic and warm (which doesn't alter the fact that when listening to certain compositions there are chills running down your spine). The sound dynamics of the K100 are truly phenomenal; instruments sound loud or soft depending on their natural nature and the way they were played during the sound recording. Listening to the CD Balades éphémères by Massot-Florizoone-Horbaczewski, with its unusual combination of tuba, chromatic accordion and cello, nicely illustrated this for me (Tuur Florizoone had indicated to me earlier that this music is not easy to listen to optimally). It has to be said, though, that I had the most intense goosebumps when the CD Donnersöhne - Music For St. James The Apostle by ensemble Sequentia, a series of polyphonic chants of the 12th century Codex Calixtinus from the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, was imposed on me: at night in pitch darkness with all the lights extinguished and the volume knob wide open I experienced egg so after a transcendent sensation. I imagined myself on the spot in the cathedral while the music was omnipresent and at the same time seemed to come from nowhere; I really felt immersed in heavenly atmospheres.

In addition to their sublime reproduction characteristics, the LINK K100 speakers also have a striking compactness and unparalleled aesthetic design. One last remarkable fact is that the LINK K100 speakers are an entirely traditional and Belgian product. It's hard to believe that with the LINK K100 in our relatively insignificant country, such a world-class product in the field of hi-fi audio has been developed and is being built!

As far as I'm concerned, the K100 speakers are the nec plus ultra in the field of acoustic experience in the living room ...


Johan Vandendriessche


High Tension(P.Packay) mp3

Jazz In The Rain.mp3

Jazz musician

If you close your eyes when listening to a good sound recording, the K100's disappear, they don't seem to be physically present anymore....
When you close your eyes, a three-dimensional sound image appears that in no way betrays the physical presence of speakers, let alone their positioning. At most, the brain, which is always and everywhere turned on by the rational human being, starts to reason that at a height of about 80 cm two objects of the size of a pea could be responsible for the diaphragmatic, plastic, space-filling, deep sound, which negates any further reference to those two peas....
Musicians don't usually have speakers like the k100's, mostly because they don't have the time or money for, and "no need" for, these kinds of luxuries. It's true that many real musicians transcend the limitations of an inadequate music installation, extrapolating their musical-analytical ability, which allows them to hear harmonies, musical texture, mode of interplay, etc. through a speaker that is too clearly physically present (to express it euphemistically).
But a transparent and clear reproduction with depth of music makes the physical act of listening, and the aesthetic contemplation of the material as well as the abstract aspect of a musical event a very beautiful and metaphysical event.
In other words: if you close your eyes, the K100's disappear, they don't seem to be physically present anymore...

Desmond Van Weddingen

drummer Tom Helsen (

It is very difficult to add anything to what has already been said about this speaker.
I have had a lot of speakers in the past (Etude Rea, mission, B&W matrix 803, leak, phonar p5 edma modified etc).
Was never really satisfied and kept looking, until I heard the LINK K100. Most musical speaker I've ever heard.
Got it for a few months now and the result is breathtaking.
It's really like being there. It brings you to the soul of the music and that's all there is to it.
There are some drawbacks that are not discussed.
- I hadn't heard Chet baker's fart on that live recording of 68 on my former speakers and maybe I would have preferred to keep it that way.
- I've had my fries burned three times already because I just keep sticking to it every time I walk into the living room and there's music on it.
- Don't get anything done lately because every time I have some free time and have to choose between doing something useful or lying on my couch listening to the k100 I choose the k100 again.(Music)


Jan Vandenborre , Gent

I've listened quite a lot, to different kinds of music (Bach, Jarret, JL Hooker, Talking Heads, Nina Simone,....) and my first reaction is mainly a rediscovery of that music. It's like I have a new pair of ears. Not only do I rediscover all those things, but I also notice that it pays to take time for it (finally). What is very important to me is the same reaction I had with you. I could immediately make abstraction of the physical speaker and concentrate on the music. This is definitely what I was looking for.

B.D. Blanden

First of all, not a day has gone by without an intense musical experience.

The music installation sounds downright beautiful and the Links are gems.

Last night I installed myself, turned out all the lights and listened to the Requiem of G.Fauré with La Chapelle Royale conducted by Philippe Herreweghe on Harmonia Mundi, recording of 1988.
What's going on in you is impossible to describe in words, exactly whether the Chapelle Royale played at home in our listening room, unbelievable.
So I am very happy to have met you!

The Stax SR4040/SR006/2 headphones at no time overload the LINK k100, it is once again striking how it is completely in the same sound image, clarity and transparency.



Rudi Vermeulen , Sint-Amands

 drummer Moonfire,

Ik heb nu een aantal weken de K100’s bij mij thuis staan, gecombineerd met de Gracedesign M902 DAC/preamp en de Hexateq Reference 4.0 klasse-D monoblokken, alles aan mekaar gelinkt met Link Velox en Vortex interlink en luidsprekerkabels… en elke dag geniet ik er mateloos van!

Het is een hele zoektocht geweest om een waardige (en betaalbare) vervanger te vinden voor mijn uitstekende actieve ATC SCM50-ASL luidsprekers, die te groot waren voor mijn living.

De K100’s zijn zeker zo muzikaal, transparant, dynamisch, enz. als de ATC’s, maar ze hebben er bovenop een bredere en diepere soundstage en zijn veel makkelijker te plaatsen.

Ik ben een zeer tevreden muziekliefhebber! 

Doe zo voort!


Vincent Goris, Leuven

Pianist and Composer KLARA (

"Music begins where the word ends". I don't remember where this statement came from, but it is apt to describe the K100 speaker.
Words are just not enough to list all the positive features of this speaker, and I can say nothing more than to listen to this speaker first.
One of those positive qualities I do not want to withhold from the reader: from the first listening I noticed that this speaker succeeds with a natural ease not to put itself in the foreground, but to leave the word to the music.

As a musician who sees himself and his instrument as a means to let the music speak.

Pure class for me, not to mention the incredible design...

Pierre Jolie, Destelbergen

Wim Vanderstraeten has put together a complete installation for us, including cabling and even an FM antenna (as the signal from the teledistribution is of questionable quality). This installation can't be compared to anything else we've heard so far. 
It is lifelike!

You hear everything. It displays mercilessly correctly everything that was recorded (also via FM radio). You hear a clear difference between the quality of the various recordings, not only that signal but also in terms of placement of the microphones etc..... Each instrument comes into its own and you hear things on your recordings that you never heard before (some pizzicato's, triangle,...). The dynamics are also impressive. The percussion in symphonic works is phenomenally lifelike and powerful. It makes you jump off your chair! There is never any distortion, no matter how loud you set the installation. One tends to set the music just as loud as the experience in the concert hall. The other day I had a visit from my brother-in-law. He is a horn player in a large internationally renowned symphonic orchestra. He has spontaneously set the music as loud as it sounds inside the orchestra. For a layman it did not harden, but even then no distortion at all! Also in the other places of the house you can hear the music crystal clear.

It is as if music is really being played. It is unbelievable what comes out of those relatively small K100 boxes with only two speakers and I can hardly think how it can be improved....


Wim Joos, Drongen

After your very valuable help in putting together and upgrading my entire setup, it was finally the turn of the speakers.
After years of listening to man-sized hi-fi speakers, I decided to go for music.

Since a few weeks I have my own K100's. Although I had heard the K100 and K50 several times during the selection of my other equipment, the K100s still exceed my expectations. The musicality and neutrality with which everything is reproduced is truly unsurpassed. The exact placement of the music in 3D borders on the unbelievable. I no longer listen to woofers and tweeters, but to instruments, vocals,... music. I would rather label the K100 as an instrument, not a loudspeaker.
The K100, an instrument that succeeds in reproducing the emotion and music of the recording. A gift that few speakers have in them, regardless of the price range.
The reproduction is so precise that you can really perceive the timbres of the instruments. This is the first time I have experienced this with a speaker. Such characteristics are world-class. As far as I'm concerned, the bar for the competition is a bit higher again.

Dirk Nemegeer, Huldenberg

<<When putting together a set I was always looking for a musical set.
I forgot what the music really sounded like... With the LINK k100 in combination with the Velox and Vortex, everything just falls into place! This combination sounds very realistic and is very musical.
The choice of other equipment is now much easier because you don't have to take into account the coloring of the cable or speaker.
When listening you forget the technical part of the set, and the urge for better is no longer there>

Jo Goossens , Bierbeek

“It is about two years since I started to look for a more than serious upgrade of my music installation. Coming across the LINK K100 about a year ago, I was right away impressed with its clean, transparent and very neutral sound, not to say with the fact that it all came out of such a small instrument. Being quite concerned about making too quick a decision then and especially about how it all would sound at my place, I tested several medium to high end solutions at home. However I always felt that something was missing, either transparency, depth or width of soundstage or a comfortable listening range and I kept coming back and comparing to my first listening experience with the K100. 

Now, in combination with the AA406 power amp and Vortex and Velox cables, I have what I was looking for: pure music. The K100 is amazingly transparent (one forgets that there are speakers in the room) and all what is left are ‘tangible musical instruments’ each with their fine harmonic reverberations, be it flutes, violin, snare drums, bass guitar or synthesizers. I have since rediscovered older recordings and I don’t get tired of listening to them because it sounds all so natural and uncomplicated.

 Finally, a minor issue but fine to have, they blend also nicely with the interior…”


Joris Geysens

Tenor saxophone player


"The K100 is a speaker that meets my expectation of what a speaker should be able to do: reproduce the recorded music as naturally as possible.
These speakers succeed in this with brilliance. Detailed and correct reproduction, transparent, vivid are words that come to mind.
You forget that you are listening to a piece of technology : the focus is on the music. Instruments are played with the right timbre, as it should be.
The spatial reproduction is also beautiful: good depth and placement of the instruments....

Less important to me, but they also look very good: beautiful design! In short, fantastic acquisition and I am going to have a lot of fun for a long time.

Peter and Wilma Baudoin


After some searching thanks to a diversion arrived to listen to the k100, were warmly received by Mr. Vanderstraeten and were first given an excellent explanation of his vision of hi-fi, and about his speakers.

Since we had listened to all the many speakers my wife wanted to hear them as well, she is usually very critical when it comes to more expensive speakers.

After a few songs to have heard we looked at each other so << wow> this is very good!

The speakers sound at good recording so spacious that it is as if the singer is actually in the room.
Furthermore, the speakers are incredibly neutral and show exactly how the recording is.

I would recommend anyone who wants to upgrade his set to listen to them once..


Tom Callens


Het was een zeer interessante dag bij Wim Vanderstraeten van Link Audio. Wat normaal een ophaling van mijn pas herstelde luidsprekers moest voorstellen draaide uit tot een heuse namiddag muziek beluisteren en uitwisselen van elkaars meningen over muziek en muziekbeleving.

Bij het binnenkomen vlogen we er onmiddellijk in.
We luisterden naar een opname van aRTET (groep waar ik in speel) op de K100's om daarna over te schakelen op Wim's collectie jazz- en klassieke muziek.
Indien de opname zo natuurlijk mogelijk verlopen is, door middel van goeie plaatsing van micro's en zo weing mogelijk tussenkomst van effecten of processing, heb je met de K100's het gevoel echt bij de performance van een orkest, band of solist aanwezig te zijn.
Het timbre van ieder instrument, de vibraties en de 'ziel' zijn te horen. Bassen zijn niet moeilijk of modderig maar helder en verstaanbaar. De plaatsing in de ruimte en het stereobeeld is zeer duidelijk én genietbaar.

Van de K100's verplaatsten we ons naar een andere ruimte met iets moeilijkere akoestiek om naar de compactere Cubes te luisteren. Deze zijn geen kleinere K100's. Het is een ander design van op de grond hertekend en het doel van deze Cube is een kleinere, meer betaalbare luidspreker aan te bieden die hetzelfde doel nastreeft, de waarheidsgetrouwe weergave van muziek.
Deze spraken mij ten zeerste aan daar zij net zoals de K100's sprankelden, het timbre en de dynamiek van de muziek zeer goed weergaven en bovendien in mijn optiek betaalbaar zijn! Het zijn luidsprekers waar je naar wilt blijven luisteren.
De Cubes geven meer dan voldoende definitie en output in de basregionen zodat een subwoofer bij jazz en klassiek niet nodig is, misschien wel voor pop of rock, maar dat kan ik niet zeggen want dat hebben we niet getest.
Voor wie een eerlijk, neutraal en vooral levendig en natuurlijk geluid wil en die op een krap budget zit zijn deze luidsprekers een must.

Wim sprak bevlogen en vol passie over zijn queeste naar een zo eerlijk mogelijke klankreproductie met zijn luidsprekers.
Daar lijkt hij volgens mij zeer goed in te slagen.
Ik had er spijt van dat ik mijn Mission 753's en niet de Cubes moest meenemen :)


Tom Callens (1982) studeerde saxofoon aan het Gents Conservatorium bij Frank Vaganée en daarna aan het Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel bij Jeroen Van Herzeele en John Ruocco. Gaandeweg is hij zich gaan toespitsen op de tenorsaxofoon en dwarsfluit waarmee hij in stijlen zoals traditionele jazz, bebop, moderne jazz, funk, soul en chansons zich als een vis in het water voelt. Hij won tweemaal de "Jong Jazztalent Gent"-wedstrijden en andermaal de Brusselse "XL-jazz" wedstrijd met verschillende ensembles. In 2006 nam hij deel aan een Europese tournee met Guru's Jazzmatazz.
Hij speelde op het Montreux Jazz Festival, Blue Note Records festival te Gent, North Sea Jazz en tal van andere festivals, en dit met mensen zoals Koen De Cauter & zonen, Tcha Limberger, Fapy Lafertin, Jimmy Molière (Fats Domino), Joris Decock, Robert Veen, Harry Kanters, Dirk Van der Linden, Kris Defoort en Hans Van Oosterhout.
Hij heeft in 2009 zijn eigen band "
South of the Border" opgericht waarin instrumentale souljazz gespeeld wordt. Daarnaast is Tom vooral actief in Lady Linn & her Magnificent Seven (pop, soul en jazz), aRTET (hedendaagse jazz), the Whodads (surf, mambo, latin) en de Vindaloo Five, New Orleans Jazzband met Joris Decock, Karel Algoed, Bruno De Groote en Frederick Van den Berghe




Na meer dan twintig jaar veel luisterplezier was uiteindelijk de tijd gekomen om mijn oorspronkelijke geluidsinstallatie wat nieuw leven in te blazen.Deze was samengesteld uit de Link M21 en Art Audio Quintet buizenversterker.
Alzo kwam ik weer bij Wim Vanderstraeten in Rotselaar terecht.

Na enkele uitgebreide luistersessies bij Wim, werd duidelijk dat mijn cd-speler het meest een vervanging toe was.

Maar het geluid van vooral de K100’s, gekoppeld aan een Grace design M902 / Bryston combinatie, liet mij niet meer los.
En nu, na nog enkele luistersessies meer staan ze hier uiteindelijk.
Het is een herontdekking van gekende muziek geworden

Als de opnames goed zijn dan werken de K100’s zeer verslavend. Dan volgt de ene cd na de andere en is het moeilijk om te stoppen.
Mijn “oude” M21’s hebben dezelfde signature, met dezelfde tonaliteit en zijn duidelijk van dezelfde familie.
Maar de nieuwe K100’s zijn op alle gebied een verrijking voor de natuurgetrouwe weergave van de muziek: Prachtig gedetailleerd en met een indrukwekkende impuls weergave, waardoor elk instrument ten volle wordt weergegeven.

Hierdoor, en wederom met de betere opnames, wordt een enorm geluidsbeeld gecreëerd waarbij de luidsprekers verdwijnen.

Het is duidelijk dat ook het combo van Gracedesign en Bryston hiertoe zijn bijdrage levert.
De weergave is misschien op het eerste gezicht droger dan de Art Audio, maar juister, met meer informatie en toch heel zacht in het hoog.


Dimitri Asselman

passief en actief muziekliefhebber

Naar aanleiding van een technisch probleem met mijn huidige luidsprekers, kwam ik bij Link audio terecht. Sinds een aantal jaren ben ik ook overgestapt naar het digitaliseren/streamen van mijn cd collectie: gezien mijn audio set op Digitaal/Analoog omzetter  (dac) en pre-amp gebied zeker nog een upgrade kan gebruiken, kon ik van mijn bezoek aan Link audio gebruik maken om te kijken welke oplossing men daar in dat opzicht voorhanden had.

In de luisterkamer stonden de Link K100 speakers opgesteld, aangestuurd door een nieuwe reeks Hifi componenten van Onkyo: de P-3000R voorversterker, de M-5000R eindversterker en C-7000R cd speler. Bijzonder aan deze voorversterker is dat deze zowel analoge als digitale bronnen voor zijn rekening neemt: een dac van hoogwaardige kwaliteit werd geïntegreerd.

Luisterervaringen thuis en op verplaatsingen (bij ander hifi dealers, kennisen en vrienden) hebben mij nooit kunnen ontdoen van het speaker idee: ‘size does matter’, maw, een speakerkast moet ‘volume’ hebben, wetten van de natuur? Eerlijkheidshalve stond ik dan ook ietwat sceptisch tegenover de k100 speakers aan te kijken.
Ze ogen modern: strak met een zeer mooie lijn, de ogen worden inderdaad verwend. Samen met de voorgestelde Onkyo set, eentje die eenzelfde strakheid geniet maar toch een retro touch integreert, staan de luidsprekers echt uit te nodigen om muziek te gaan spelen. Gedaan met kijken dus, wat doet deze set op muzikaal vlak?

De manier waarop de man achter Link audio, Wim Vanderstraeten, de vele muziekgenres presenteert in de luistersessie bevalt mij enorm. Korte fragmenten, toch lang genoeg om een goed idee te krijgen van hoe de set klinkt/overkomt met dit of dat genre muziek. Het gaat vooruit en het verveelt nooit. De interesse wordt  al na de eerste minuten gewekt: hier klinkt échte muziek. De muziek lééft en er is geen sprake meer van een audioset.

Wat mij onmiddellijk opvalt is de “ruimte” dat deze set afstraalt: ik kan het niet beter vergelijken dan met een top notch 3D beeldervaring. Alsof de muziek uit laagjes bestaat: links, rechts, boven, onder, verder; dichter... instrumenten, stemmen, geluiden zijn overal in de kamer aanwezig. Dat geheel klinkt ook ‘luchtig’, het wordt nooit een ‘zwaar’ geluid, het wordt nooit té, het klinkt met een bepaalde eenvoud en toch is het detailrijk. Dit smaakt echt naar meer.
Door de jaren heen viel het mij op dat onder de noemer ‘high end’ veelal wordt begrepen dat alles strikt afgepolijst, nog fel afgetekend en schel/vermoeiend overkomt, althans, dat is mijn persoonlijke indruk - alsof men een chirurgisch mes door het beste stukje wagyu vlees haalt. Veelal krijgen we dan ook nog op het bord dat dit de afspiegeling is van wat er in de concertzaal zou gebeuren: een “natuurgetrouwe” weergave.

Ik moet bekennen: dit is voor mij de eerste luisterervaring sinds de aankoop van mijn hifi set, nu meer dan 18 jaar terug, waarvan ik denk ‘wow, machtig’. Vooral het gegeven ‘ruimte, space, 3d’ blijft serieus hangen, iets dat ik nog maar zelden mocht ervaren in speakerland. Ik heb geproefd en ik wil teruggaan om nog meer te proeven. Wat het nog interessanter maakt is dat het prijskaartje van ‘de hardware’ eigenlijk zeer gunstig valt tov het mainstream High End materiaal op de audiomarkt.

Elk zichzelf respecterend muzikant, op zoek naar een écht goede audioweergave - een weergave dat trouw blijft aan het samenspel/de klankleur van de instrumenten/geluiden waaruit de muziek werd opgebouwd -  mag het niet nalaten een bezoekje te brengen aan Link audio.

Puntje van kritiek? Jawel: de allerdiepste regionen in het laag mogen aangevuld worden met een échte subwoofer. Sommige genres/passages muziek kunnen net dat tikkeltje extra laag gebruiken. Als het een troost mag wezen voor mezelf: op deze manier houdt mijn stelling ‘size does matter’,toch nog wat stand. Ik besef dat de eventuele aanvulling in lage passages wellicht een puur subjectief gegeven is.

Bedankt aan Link audio voor de aangename luistersessie en audio ontdekkingen die ik mocht ervaren.