loudspeaker cable




I have been listening the whole time : UNBELIEVABLE F NATURAL CUSTOMER !!!!!!
There is no left and no right, the whole room is sound!
And the DM6 !!! What a difference ! I am very much in love with that NEW BASE SOUTH !
After some promising listening I used to have some problems with my ears of too much (too thick) bass.
This NEW CABLE : bass sounds so much more natural and pleasant and no problem with the ears, then.....
EVERYTHING IS CLOSED and so much more detail in the different instruments!
I am supercontent because I now have a totally new installation ! !! More than 3000 recordings to rehearse !
And I treat the cable really like porcelain because it is worth gold !

I am really in seventh heaven now !
Many thanks again ! this is a real revelation !

Gilles D.

I was skeptical at first, but after reading several positive reviews, I decided to check these out. Well, I'm glad I did. I've bought a pair in the meantime.
The difference with my usual speaker cable is subtle, yet there's definitely an improvement to the sound. Just to give one example, the top end of the
music sounds more nuanced and therefore more correct.

Dries De Clercq


Wim, this is unbelievable !
Since I came home I have been glued to my system...wow...
Suddenly I am listening to a whole new system...more detail and layers all over the spectrum...great !
What a discovery, I didn't think a cable could do so much.
Layer is now also better in control.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Kees Van Yperen , NL

....Since briefly I combine the LINKs with an Icon stereo 25 (with el34) and a vinyl front-end.
In this combination the Vortex is unequalled (I've tried a lot of, also expensive, cables) on all fronts that are important to me.
As far as I am concerned, it can be summarised in the term <<live-experience>>.....

Richard Kraan , Spijkenisse , NL

My search for new speaker cables started when I accompanied my brother on a visit to Rotselaar, where his Nordost MKII flatline speaker cable turned out to perform much less well than the Link Vortex cable. As this Nordost cable was also part of my set, I borrowed the cables he purchased to determine the effect on my set. I also compared the Vortex cable with other similarly priced speaker cables from more well-known brands. 
In the end I opted for the Vortex because these cables greatly improve the overall sound image (spaciousness, detailing & quietness) without affecting the sound image or energy level. In the end I also ordered the Velox interlink to be able to compare it with my Chord Chameleon Silver Plus cable. I was allowed to send this Velox interlink back if I didn't like it. However, this did not happen, because the Velox interlink turned out as hoped on the Vortex cables! Another huge total improvement, in which a much better detailing of the layer pleased me the most. 
Adding the Link cables made my Exposure 2010S/Sehring S702 set much more musical and realistic. Voices become physical and small and also much easier to understand. Instruments come loose and sound detailed and realistic. But much more important: I am touched by the music the set produces: Goosebumps, a lump in the throat or enthusiasm are the result!
Wim Van Reusel,


This one is indeed better than the Nordost!
Voices are depicted more accurately, nicely delineated.
It also stood nicer in the middle where it pulls a little to the left at the nordost.
The nordost puts the voice much wider, there is also much more micro information to be heard with the Vortex.
In double bass the "cracking" of the strings is beautifully rendered.
Also the "extinction" of the music is beautiful.

Jan Verstappen,


First reaction: 10/10 !
Played a lot this weekend.
Above all, the cable gives a smooth music reproduction.
The music comes very easily and pleasantly from the speakers.
The sound has a certain "natural" quality.
Nothing forced. No special effects.
Sound reproduction is perfectly balanced.
Music image is coherent and stable: everything is nicely placed.
Sober, dry bass.
Fine highs that don't sound sharp anywhere.
Strong stereo image.
Great dynamics in the reproduction.
Very detailed as well: every voice vibration or instrument stroke, however minimal, is clearly audible.
Vortex is, to be honest, really of a different level, of a different musical experience ! Superior in all areas.
Pure sounds. With the ultimate result that CDs with inferior recording quality are also reproduced in the same way ... !
Well-recorded CDs, on the other hand, flourish when it comes to sound richness (Archiv, ...).
A new voyage of discovery through my CD collection can begin ....

Piet Vastenburg ,


... ...now after about 8 days, the cable fully lives up to my high expectations I had.
what a peace and quiet and place