The LINK shop aims to the real music lover, the melomaniac who is looking for a reproduction of the music as he or she experiences it at live concerts and who wanders doubtfully
through the large offer.

All too often, a hi-fi set creates its own sound that is unrelated to reality and the selection of the necessary components is more of a hindrance than a blessing when it comes to listening to the music you love.

Whimsical, driven by passion and with 40 years of professional knowledge and experience as a loudspeaker manufacturer, Wim Vanderstraeten presents you with a restricted selection of components in all price ranges.

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Here you can come and listen to music 100% peacefully, in a quiet environment similar to a living room, and, within your budget, be offered a proposal.

Not only is the layout of the shop completely different but also the sales philosophy.

Within the gigantic offer of hifi equipment and brands I look for the gems. A Dutch distributor even reproached me for taking the currants out of the bread (;-) = Yes of course! was my answer.

The process for this selection is always done under the same highly controlled conditions. Contrary to what the consumer thinks, more expensive is not necessarily better.
I help to put an end to the eternal search of the music lover who has been buying and selling for years and has been spending money aimlessly without any satisfactory result.

In addition to the demonstration, the customer also receives full advice on the set-up of the equipment and the optimization of the acoustics of the listening room with the aim of getting the most out of the equipment on offer.

The result is a selection of components that meet the standard of neutrality and dynamism, sparkle and transparency required by the music reproduction industry, at a phenomenal price/quality ratio.

Music is the reference here !

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