Denon PCC 1000

crosstalk canceller

xxxxx rare

with record  to reduce crosstalk between left and right channel

350 euro


SAE 5000 Impulse Noise Reduction system
(xxxx rare)

removes clicks and plops in vinyl reproduction
mint condition with manual

250 euro



Ortofon MCA76 

mm>mc elctronic stepup

    300 euro

mc>mm phono preamp
electronic stepup


Technics SU-300MC

battery powered mc stepup


349 euro

phonoamp mm/mc battery feed

mint condition in original box



Kimber AGDL

pure silver digital interconnect cable spdif

1.0m rca      325 euro

new old stock in original jewel box


Marantz RHA2

rack handles champagne (xxx rare)

offers welcome

copyright wim vanderstraeten


Keith Monks Pivot Sweeper

new old stock(xxx rare)    75 euro

copyright wim vanderstraeten


Nakamichi 700

tritracer MK2

legendary model

xxx rare

3 heads

3 microphone inputs !!

dual capstan motors

belt drive

exceptional performance

dolby B


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